Chondrodysplasia is a hereditary deformation of leg development. The front legs are abnormal in length and shape, appearing bowed and short, giving the impression of dwarfism. Puppies may appear normal when very small, with signs of the deformity becoming more apparent as the pup grows. Diagnosis is made through x-ray.

Chondrodysplasia is what makes the front legs on Dachshunds and Basset hounds crooked. In these breeds this is desirable, in other breeds it is not. Chondro has been reported in Alaskan Malamutes, where it is a major disabling condition, as well as in Akitas and Beagles. It's also been reported in sheep, goats and Hereford cattle. While not a common disorder in Tollers, there have been reported cases.

In Malamutes the mode of inheritance has been proven to be a simple recessive, both parents have to carry one defective gene to pass it on to their puppies, the same as in PRA in Tollers. The mode of inheritance for chondrodysplasia in Tollers is so far unknown.

There has been no published studies into the affects of chondrodysplasia in Tollers, the following links take you to information on the disease in other breeds, the information contained within these links may or may not apply to the Toller.