August 25, 2017 – Maxville, Ontario

Field – WCWCI/WCX Tests (registration-Pending)

Ambertrail Kennel

Judges – Ms. Gwyneth McClellan & Mr. Conrad Langlois

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club of Canada will be hosting a WC/I/X Field Test on Aug 25, 2017 as the field test requirement for the 2017 NSDTR Club of Canada National Specialty.  This event is held under the Rules and Regulations of the Canadian Kennel club and is open to All Retrievers, Irish Water Spaniels, Barbets, Poodles and Airedale Terriers.

Registration: Open, Premium list here

August 26, 2017 – Woodland Campground, Long Sault, Ontario

Obedience (registration)

Pre-Novice, Intermediate Novice, Novice A, B, & C, Open A & B, Utility A & B, Brace, Team, Veterans and Exhibition Only

Rally (registration)

Novice A & B, Intermediate, Advanced A & B, Excellent A & B

Judge:  Lorraine Moffa

Agility (registration - Pending)

To be held in conjunction with regular SD&G show. 

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club of Canada will be working with SD&G to designate Trial XXX on Saturday Aug 26, 2017 as the Designated Toller Trial in which prizes for Tollers will be offered.

Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Excellent Jumping with Weaves

Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Excellent Standard

Judge:  TBC

BBQ – (Order form) – Long Sault

August 27, 2017 – Long Sault, Ontario

Sweepstakes (registration-pending)

Note All dogs entered in Sweepstakes must also be entered in one of the regular classes at the specialty.

All Regular Sweepstakes classes divided by sex 6-9, 9-12, 12-18

All Regular Veteran Sweepstakes classes are to be divided by sex 7-10, 10-11, 12 and over

Judge:  Mrs Patricia Lanctot

Junior Handling (registration-pending)

All Classes Offered

Judge:  Dr. Elissa Steinbock

Conformation (registration)

Regular Classes:  Junior (6-9), Senior (9-12), (12.18), Canadian Bred, Bred By Exhibitor, Open, Field, Veteran, Specials Only, Sexually Altered

Non Regular Classes:  Baby Puppy, Brace, Stud Dog, Brood Bitch, and Exhibition only

Unofficial Classes:  Extended Generation, Gun Dog *NOTE if entered in Gun Dog cannot also compete for Breed

Judge:  Mr Michael Lanctot

Awards of Merit will be awarded at the Judge’s discretion. 1 Rosette for every 10 competitors in Best of Breed competition


(Order form) – Best Western

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