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Junior Puppy Male - 4 entries
1. LITTLERIVER’S MONTANA COWBOY, 12/28/06. Bred by D.W. Coldwell by Littleriver’s Red Royal Flush X Littleriver’s Winsome Quinn. Owners: Terri Krause/DW Coldwell.
2. DALRY’S FIELD RUA, 11/03/06. Bred by Laura Norie, by OTCh/Ch Berdia’s Mississippi Gambler WCX/SH X Dalry El’s Bells WCX/JH. Owner: Mary-Ellen Kelm.
3. READYFOR FIERY KOZMO, 1/18/07. Bred by Jamie Klein, Mark/Valerie Brennan, by Ch Anando Offcenter Toller Tyson X Readyfor Abigail’s Time. Owner: Jamie Klein/Diane Hudson.
4. CALIBER’S ALPINE TO OCEAN LIVIN’, 1/18/07. Bred by Latisha Hancy, by Ch. Jagador Rainkist Coastal Livin’ X AmCh Onepenny Zeppelin Over Caliber RN. Owner: Sara/Patrick Skillings.
Senior Puppy Male - 5 entries
1. TOLLWEST JAVAHILL FLY HIGHER, 8/15/06. Bred by Lisa Porter by AmCh Fionavar Javahill Topgun CD/ WC X Ch Pikkinokka’s Jump for Joy CD. Owner: Linda Fitzmaurice.
2. CALTANSIS FERGUS HAS 3 FINS, 9/18/06. Bred by Elaine MacDonald by Ch Bernache’s Liard of Caltansis X Ch. Brilliance of Great Pleasure. Owner: Bryce Osborne/Evan Hayko.
3. MOOSE FERRY’S BEAU BRUMMEL, 8/10/06. Bred by Susannah/Edward Bruck/Sandra Millen by Ch Jagador Rainkist Coastal Livin’ X Ch Saucydog’s Molly Malone CD. Owner: Edward/Susannah Bruck.
4. SAUCYDOG’S PEREGRIN PIPPIN TOOK, 10/13/06. Bred by Sandra Millen by Ch Anando Copper Calamity JH/WC X Ch Foxgrove’s Saucy Dancer CDX/JH/WC. Owner: Katarina Neuvonen.
12-15 Month Male - 2 entries, 1 absent
1. FRICKADUCK OF GREAT PLEASURE, 4/29/06. Bred by Els van de Langenberg van Breugel by Nitric Duck Is My Drug X Cayenne of Great Pleasure. Owner: Els/Cor van de Langenberg van Breugel.
15-18 Month Male - 1 entry
1. WESTERLEA’S KONAMO ST.JOHN, 2/22/06. Bred by Alison Strang by MOTCh/Ch Foxgrove’s Celtic Spirit WCI/JH X Ch Westerlea’s Oban Mist. Owner: Melanie Reiswig/Alison Strang.
Canadian Bred Male - 5 entries, 1 absent
1. RAINKIST’S LOOKIN ROCK SOLID, 4/27/05. Bred by Krista Wendland by Ch Baywood Arrow of Glen Etine X Ch Jagador’s Rainkist Nomia. Owner: Angela Fucci/Krista Wendland.
2. TORLAN’S HYPNOTIZE THE MOON, 7/16/05. Bred by Cheryl Tomayer/Bryanna Tomayer by Ch Dalry’s Calculated Risk X Ch Pikkinokka’s Torlan Kanji. Owner: Marilyn Macmillan.
3. DRAGONLUCK’S JASPER OF OAKS WC, 2/22/05. Bred by Owner by Ch Tollwest’s Dances with Waves X Ch Pikkinokka’s Dragonluck Keera CD. Owner: Dawn O’Leary/Judith Argue.
4. WESTERLEA SEAFORTH SAMIAM, 8/26/04. Bred by Alison Strang by Ch Jagador’s Cap’n Slocum Sagewood X Ch Westerlea’s Oban Mist.
Bred by Exhibitor Male - 1 entry
1. DALRY’S THE RED EDGE, 11/03/06. Bred by Owner by OTCH/Ch Berdia’s Mississippi Gambler WC/SH X Dalry’s El’s Bells JH/WCX. Owner: Laura Norie.
Open Male - 17 entries
1. FIONAVAR JAVAHILL TOPGUN CD/WC, 8/31/03. Bred by T Johnson/a Nixon by Ch. Berdia’s True Blue to Kerchief WC X Reared Regina Reverence. Owner: Linda Fitzmaurice.
2. SEASTAR’S WESTERLEA TERIFOX, 2/27/05. Bred by Jane Folkman by Ch. Kylador’s Bustin Thru th’Reeds AGI/WCI/JH/CD X Seastar’s Princess Lola. Owner: Carol Simmerling/Alison Strang.
3. PIKKINOKKA'S BEACH FIRE, 8/14/04. Bred by Til Niquidet by Landew KD's Prince of Tides X Tollwests Trial by Fire. Owner: Alissa/Becca Danford.
4. MERRYTHOUGHTS SHALLAZAR CONNER, 12/31/05. Bred by Katherine Cunningham/Gregory Cozza by Merrythought's Clear Sky X Merrythoughts Doubledogdare. Owner: Lynn Carter.
Winners Male: Fionavar Javahill Topgun
Reserve Winners Male: Tollwest Javahill Fly Higher
Veterans Male - 7 entries
1. CH RUAVIEW’S CAPE BRETON SCHOONER, 9/08/97. Bred by Jan Stevens/Sheila Fee by Ch Sehi’s Little Breton CD/WC X Ch Tollbreton Cape Island Dory CDX/WC. Owner: Martha/Gale Ashbaugh.
2. CH. STARWAY’S CRIMSON JAKE WC/JH, 7/25/97. Bred by Gerald Wong by Ch Tollbreton Juneau X Ch Starway’s Golden Nutmeg by S.E. Owner: Jane Wright.
3.CH ELVEBREDD’S HIGHLAND CABER TOSS CD/WCI/JH, 12/14/97. Bred by Steve/Simone Cody by Ch Bernache’s Highland Rush CD/WCI/JH X Westerlea’s Christmas Fawn CD/WC. Owner: Jeannie Cameron.
4. CH BERDIA’S CEDAR, 11/12/97. Bred by Bernard Barber by Ch Harbour lights Bentley Chase II WCX X Ch Berdia’s Gypsy Rose CD/WC. Owner: Darrel/Mary Rich.
Junior Puppy Female - 3 entries, 1 excused
1. DALRY ABBEY GAIL FORCE WIND, 11/03/06. Bred by Dalry Duck Tellers by Berdia’s Mississippi Gambler X Dalry El’s Bells. Owner: Gary Lobley.
2. READYFOR FLOR DE NICOYA, 1/18/07. Bred by Owner by Anando Off Center Toller Tyson X Readyfor Abigail’s Time. Owner: Mark/Valerie Brennan/ Jamie Klein.
Senior Puppy Female - 7 entries
1. SEABRIGHT’S MAI OF THE FIRE, 1/18/07. Bred by Owner by Harbour lights Nifty Duke X Seabright’s Psychic Energy AGN/WCI/JH. Owner: Sheila Fee.
2. SAUCYDOG’S SECOND WIND, 10/13/06. Bred by Sandra Millen, by Ch Anando Copper Calamity WC/JH X Ch Foxgrove’s Saucy Dancer CDX/JH/WC. Owner: Deborah Lacerte/Sandra Millen.
3. SAUCYDOG’S GEMMA DOLIG, 10/13/06. Bred by Sandra Millen by Ch Anando Copper Calamity JH/WC X Ch Foxgrove’s Saucy Dancer CDX/JH/WC. Owner: Bob/Gill Greydanus.
4. TOLLWEST FLY SO HIGH, 8/15/06. Bred by Owner, by Fionavar Javahill Topgun CD/WC X Ch Pikkinokka’s Jump for Joy CD. Owner: Lisa Porter.
12-15 Month Female - 2 entries, 1 absent
1. JAVAHILL’S SHINE 4 ME, 4/29/06. Bred by Linda Fitzmaurice by Ch Littleriver’s Decoy Dancer X Dalry Raise a 'Lil El at Berdia. Owner: Linda Fitzmaurice, Debbie Boomerang.
15-18 Month Female - 6 entries, 1 absent
1. WOODCREEK AUBURN ROSE, 2/03/06. Bred by Toby McSween by Ch Tollwest's Dances with Waves CD CGN X Ch Jalna's Electra Ember CGN. Owner: Aldean Riddy.
2. WESTERLEA’S WATERMARK ZEPHYR, 2/22/06. Bred by Alison Strang by MOTCh/Ch Foxgrove’s Celtic Spirit WCI/JH/AGN X Ch Westerlea’s Oban Mist. Owner: Jane Wright/Alison Strang.
3. READYFOR DIVINE REVALATION, 4/15/06. Bred by Jamie Klein by Jagador’s Anando Clan Prince X Kylador’s Autumn Glory. Owner: Vanessa Gigolo.
4. READYFOR’S DIP IN THE OCEAN, 4/15/06. Bred by Jamie Klein by Jagador’s Anando Clan Prince X Kylador’s Autumn Glory. Owner: Jamie Klein/Joy Kriekenbeek.
Canadian Bred Female - 2 entries
1. DRAGONLUCK’S MAGIC GINGER SPICE CD/WC, 10/12/04. Bred by Owners by MOTCh/Ch Kylador’s Zinfandel Full Monty WCX/SH X Ch Dragonluck’s Magic Nutmeg CD. Owner: Dawn O’Leary/Judith Argue
2. TORLAN’S ISOLDE KEINA, 1/02/06. Bred by Cheryl Tomayer by Ch Dalry’s Kakwa’s Wizard Ranger X Ch Torlan’s Chinook of the North. Owner: Brenda Blackman/Cheryl Tomayer.
Bred by Exhibitor Female - 6 entries
1. REDROCK’S THE SKY’S THE LIMIT, 6/02/04. Bred by Dominique Jolley by Ch Anando Copper Calamity WC/JH X Cayuga’s Casserina Ballerina. Owner: Dominique/Mike Jolley.
2.  REDWYN’S PARTY ‘TIL DAWN, 11/02/02. Bred by Owners by Harbourlights Nifty Duke X Redwyn’s Diamond in the Ruff WC/JH/AGN. Owner: Bev Keith/Sue Miller.
3. ANANDO QUEEN LUCINDA, 4/24/05. Bred by Joy Hill/ Andrea Mills by Ch Pikkinokka's Ragin Cajun X Ch Anando's Bellndon's Maggie May. Owner: Andrea Mills.
4. PIKKINOKKA'S SAILOR MINI MOON, 6/12/06. Bred by Owner by Ch Ximinez Return to Sender X Ch Tollegend's Minnie Driver. Owner: Mathilde Niquidet.
Open Female - 7 entries, 1 absent
1. BEINNBHREAGH’S PAINT BY NUMBER, 8/28/05. Bred by Dennis/Geralyn Tobin by Ch Beinnbhreagh Drawn to PikkinokkaX Beinnbhreagh Abacus You Count. Owner: Mathilde Niquidet.
2. FIONAVAR SEA FURY AT JAVAHILL JH/WCI, 1/21/05. Bred by T Johnson/A Nixon by Berdia’s True Blue to Kirchoff WC X Renarder’s Regina Reverenca. Owner: Linda Fitzmaurice.
3. LAKEVIEW MADRONA MADRID’S SONG, 6/07/05. Bred by John Norris/Dobritte Norris by Landew’s Cascade Super Nova X Landew’s Linnea of the Lake. Owner, Frances Sakaguchi.
4. TOSSER’S DIP’T N TIPT AYLA, 6/01/03. Breeder: Pat/Donna Preston by Ch Ruaview’s Cape Breton Schooner X Tossers Keltie of Glenetive. Owner: Dianne Zapotichny.
Winners Female: Beinnbhreagh’s Paint by Number
Reserve Winners Female: Fionavar Sea Fury at Javahill
Veterans Female - 9 entries
1. CH BERDIA’S ELECTRA ICE STORM WCI/JH/CD/AGN, 11/12/97. Bred by Bernard Barber by Ch Harbourlights Bentley Chase II WCX X Ch Berdia Gypsy Rose CD/WC. Owner: Laura Norie.
2. CH. VELVETLACE OF GREAT PLEASURE, 2/18/97. Bred by Els van Langenberg van Breugel by Steadyline’s Summersnow X Satin of Great Pleasure. Owner: Elaine MacDonald.
3. CH. WESTERLEA’S SURPRISE PACKAGE WCI/JH/CD, 9/22/95. Bred by Owner by Ch. Drogstas Josef av Arimitea X Ch. Westerlea’s Echo of Shelley CD. Owner: Alison Strang.
4. CH. BERNACHE’S ANANDO BELLE CD, 3/11/98. Bred by Wilfrid Drouin by Ch Sproul’s Kare Bear CD X Ch Elvebredds Blazing to Bernache. Owner: Tom/Fran Berry.
Specials Only - 25 males/15 females
BEST OPPOSITE SEX: CAN/AM CH ANANDO OFF CENTER TOLLER TYSON, 1/15/04. Bred by Joy Hill/Andrea Mills by Ch. Ruaview’s Cape Breton Schooner X Ch Anando’s Bellndon’s Maggie May. Owner: Gabe/Tanya Bergamo.
Judge's Award of Merit
CH BRILLIANCE OF GREAT PLEASURE, 10/12/02. Bred by Els van de Langenberg van Breugel by Ch Beinnbhreagh’s Great Pleasure X Ch Velvetlace of Great Pleasure. Owner: Shannon Fagnan/Elaine MacDonald.
CH ANANDO COPPER CALAMITY JH/WC, 4/11/01. Bred by Doug/Andrea Mills by Ch. Small Fetcher Don Giovanni CD X Ch Bernache’s Anando Belle CD. Owner: Tina Church.
CH KYLADOR’S BUSTIN THRU TH’ REEDS AGI/WCI/JH/CD, 10/23/00. Bred by L Greensides/K Wright by Ch Kylador’s Jack of All Trades X Ch. Kylador’s Karma Kamelia. Owner: Christine Comfort.