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with recognition name tags but if you would like
to contribute to our fund our coordinator
Bonnie can still accept donations

Calgary, AB


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Trophy Sponsorship Cost Sponsor
Best In Specialty $150 NSDTR Club of Canada
Best Of Opposite $80 Stephanie Halse
Best of Winners $60 Nicola Roe & Patrick Wiley
Select Dog $60 Jane Wright
Select Bitch $60 Bonnie Glines
Best Puppy $60 OBO READYFOR Tollers
Best Veteran $60 Grace Edwards
Best Sire and Get $60 Shelly Kurth
Best Dam and Progeny $60 Shelly Kurth
Best Gun Dog $60 Grace Edwards
Best of Opposite Gun Dog $40 Grace Edwards
Award of Merit $40 Megan Brown
Award of Merit $40 Jane Wright
Award of Merit $40 Megan Brown
Award of Merit $40 IMO CAN CH ATCH Readyfor Bronze Challenger MADC MGDC CGN EXS BRONZE EXG Level 3 CWAGS Scent Investigator Dog
Best Brace $60 Joanne Fleming
Best Baby Puppy $40 OBO FEATHERZ Tollers Reg'd
Junior Puppy Male $40 Dunfield Tollers
Senior Puppy Male $40  
Best Generational $40 IMO Readyfor Going to the Max "MAX"
12-18 Month Male $40  
Open Male $40 Toby McSween - Woodcreek Tollers
Reserve Winners Male $40  
Winners Male $50 John & Barb Mitchell, Kishkahdina and Tollhaven Kennels
Veterans Male $40 Joanne Fleming
Junior Puppy Female $40  
Senior Puppy Female $40 SeaTerrace Tollers CKC Reg'd Kennel
12-18 Month Female $40 Heidi Reinhold
Canadian Bred Female $40  
Bred By Exhibitor Female $40 Denise Tarlier
Open Female $40  
Reserve Winners Female $40  
Winners Female $50 Amy Soderman
Veterans Female $40 Heidi Reinhold
Conformation Altered    
Best Altered In Breed $50 IMO mBAIS BAISS HIT (Alt) OTCh Kasomor's New Monster Shoes SH WCX RE RATN "Sully"
Best of Opposite Sex Altered $40  
Winners Altered Male $40  
Winners Altered Female $40  
High Toller in Trial $60 Angela Borthwick
High Toller in Novice A $40  
High Toller in Novice B $40  
High Toller Novice Intermediate $40  
Rally Obedience    
Rally Novice A $40 Joanne Organ
Rally Novice B $40 Joanne Organ
Rally Advanced A $40  
Rally Advanced B $40  
Rally Excellent A $40  
Rally Excellent B $40  
Rally Master $40  
High Scoring Toller Overall $60 Anneli Hilton
High Standard Toller $40 Anneli Hilton
Highest Scoring Veteran Toller $40 Anneli Hilton
Highest Scoring Toller Novice $40  
Highest Scoring Toller Intermediate $40  
Highest Scoring Toller Excellent $40  
Highest Scoring Toller Master Excellent $40  
Fair Dinkum Award    
Best in Juvenile Sweepstakes    
Best in Veteran's Sweepstakes    
Best in Breeder's Sweepstakes    
Best of Opposite Juvenile Sweepstakes    
Best of Opposite Veteran's Sweepstakes    
Reserve Best Breeder's Sweepstakes    
Best in Sweepstakes    
Reserve Best in Sweepstakes    

Thanks to the following:
Deborah Holton   Carolyn Maycock   Aldean Riddy   Frances Sakaguchi


Dog/Handler must Qualify or Place under the points system below to remain in the running. The highest set of points, earned from each Category, are counted and are not cumulative within a category. Categories are OBEDIENCE, CONFORMATION AND WORKING TESTS.

Qualifying score of 170 or over in UD - 4 pts.
Qualifying score of 170 or over in Open A/B - 3 pts.
Qualifying score of 170 or over in Novice A/B- 2 pts.
Qualifying score of 170 or over in Novice C/Novice Intermediate/Graduate Novice/Graduate Open/Versatility & Veterans - 1 pt
(Pre Novice, Brace, Teams are excluded)

Class Dogs
1st in Class- 4 pts
2nd in Class- 3 pts
3rd in Class- 2 pts
4th in Class- 1 pt

**Please note Official and Unofficial Classes must contain at least 4 dogs for the above points to come into place- if there is less than 4 dogs in any Class (official or non) then 1 pt will be deducted for each dog not making up the class. IE - 3 dogs in class, 1st place 3 pts, 2nd place 2pts etc- IE 2 dogs in Class, 1st place 2pts 2nd place 1 pt. **

Specials Dogs
BISS - 4 pts
BOS - 3 pts
Certificate of Merit - 2 pts
Make Final Cut in BIS Judging - 1pt *** or if Judge does not make a final cut then any Specials Dog that is in the running for the Fair Dinkum will get 1 pt.

Qualifying Run in WCX - 4 pts
Qualifying Run in WCI - 3 pts
Qualifying Run in WC - 2 pts

In the event of a tie at the end of the Specialty then the highest point scorer in the Working Tests shall be the winner. In the event there is still a tie then the highest point scorer in the Obedience shall be the winner. In the last likelyhood that there is still a tie then let the youngest DOG (not handler!) be the ultimate winner.