Considering adding a toller to the family?

We’re not surprised – Tollers are incredible dogs! But before making an appointment with a breeder, you should consider a few things.

Before you buy a Toller puppy, do some research – read books, browse helpful links, and download this:

Club Information Brochure

The Canadian Kennel Club has questionnaires on their website that can help you decide if a Toller is right for your lifestyle and family.

Other Toller clubs also have additional resources you might want to consider, like affiliate links and FAQ’s. You can start by browsing these resources.

If you want to chat with Toller owners and other potential owners across Canada, or share other information, there are a number of groups on Facebook including the NSDTR Club of Canada and many others. There is also the ‘original’ discussion site all about Tollers called: Toller-L.

Toller Breeders

There’s more to getting a puppy than just calling up a breeder and ordering one. In fact, most breeders will have a list of things to ask you and they may request a referral or reference, so be prepared to answer some questions about your lifestyle and family when you do start making your contacts.

The following letter was written as advice to potential puppy buyers to better prepare you for initial contact with any breeder. The information included is based on the writer’s experience but is not a recommendation from the Club or the Club’s Health Committee. We just think it’s nice to provide information from experienced Toller owners.

Quick Links

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