There are no Tollers in Rescue at this time.

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is fortunate that it doesn’t require a large rescue organization in Canada, but occasionally Tollers need a little help out of unfortunate situations.

A few dedicated lovers of the breed have stepped forward to ensure that Tollers in need of new homes receive a second chance.

Called “Toller” for short, this little red, fox-like retriever is often mistaken for a Golden Retriever or Spaniel mix. Purebred Tollers may be micro-chipped at the withers or tattooed on either ear or flank, and sometimes on the abdomen.

Description: Dogs can be various shades of red or orange – usually with some white markings on feet, chest, face and tailtip – but can be all red with no markings. The double coat is medium length with feathering on the back of the legs and a heavily feathered tail. They are a medium sized dog weighing from 30 to 50 lbs. Females are generally smaller than males.

Temperament: This highly energetic dog is sweet and loving to owners and friends but may be suspicious of strangers and unusual situations. They love to retrieve and can be easily won over by playing with a ball or a retrieving object.

If you find a dog that fits this description, please notify the rescue committee using the form below.

Placement of Rescued Tollers

The Rescue Committee does not keep a list for potential second homes. Please do not enquire.  

In an emergency surrender situation please call 306.257.3347.

The Rescue Committee volunteers are:

Karen Machin
Toller Rescue Coordinator,
Alberta and Saskatchewan

Jamie Klein
British Columbia

Iva MacCausland
Manitoba and Ontario

Dominique St-Arnaud

Susan McDonough
Atlantic Canada

Reminder: There is no waitlist for rescue

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